Sunday, March 27, 2011

Accounting + Complaining = Success

So it's been a month since my last update.  I'm pretty sure you're supposed to update a blog much more frequently than that.  My bad.

An update on the computer:  after waiting five weeks, my replacement hard drive never came.  Was I surprised?  Not really.  So I called back two weeks ago and was promptly told by the female representative that they didn't know they were supposed to send one out. ... Seriously?  No comment.  Anyway, she told me she had one in stock, and that it would be overnight shipped to me and I would receive it the next day (which, of course, was the day before I left to go home for Spring Break).  Yeah, it never came.  Was I surprised?  Nope.  I guess people just become impervious to feeling betrayed and let down.  Anyway, I was gone up north for a week.  When I came back, there was still no hard drive in my mailbox.  So I gave Fujitsu a ring.  I was told that not only was the hard drive NOT in stock and that it was backordered until March 23, but also that due to the recent crisis in Japan, it was on a further backorder until April 19th.  To which I sarcastically replied, "So you're telling me that I was lied to last week and that I have no computer to use until April 19th?"  And the male representative gave a curt, "Yep."  I sarcastically said, "Thanks for your help." (There probably was some eye-rolling going on at this point, too) and immediately hung up the phone on the rep.

Now, for those who know me, I complain.  A lot.  But in situations like this, I tend to keep my mouth shut and just accept that I had been wronged.  I don't like to make a scene.  But I was so irritated that I looked up Fujitsu's customer service's email address, and sent them a nice e-mail.  In which I harshly accused the company of employing liars.  And that I wouldn't be recommending Fujitsu to ANYONE I know.  And that I will never support them again.  You know, the warm and fuzzy stuff.  They sent back a reply email within, literally, ten minutes, saying they were sorry for how I was treated and that they were working to rectify the situation.  Yeah, right.

So imagine my surprise when I was awoken by the FedEx delivery guy Friday morning with a package from Fujitsu.  They had finally shipped me my hard drive, almost two months later.  (Backordered until April 19th my butt)  So what's the moral of this story?  Complaining gets you everything...faster.  I recommend it.

On a lighter note, I only spent 7 hours today on an Intermediate Accounting Research paper.  And it was only 17 pages long.  I'm pretty sure that's the longest paper I've written in college, and it was for accounting.  Is that pathetic?

Oh, and I spent the weekend sick with a nasty cold.  Thank the Lord for DayQuil/NyQuil, orange juice, and sleep.  Oh, and I saw Sucker Punch this weekend with Eric.  It was awesome, but it made absolutely no sense.  I recommend it; just don't expect any of the plot to be cohesive or understandable.

Oh, and by the way--no, I still won't be recommending Fujitsu to anyone.

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